WS 2015 MA Studio – Gela – The Edge of Europe

Sicily, the edge of Europe, or bridge into the future Gela, population around 70.000, located in the south of Sicily, on the edge of Europe facing Africa, aims to be a smart city. This is the coast where so many refuges from Africa and the Middle East land. This is the land that gave us the Godfather. But this is also the land that was part of the birth of democracy, in Greece that was the center of Europe created the new Baroque prototype cities like Noto, in a Mediterranean economy that formed a euro-African trading space?. Is Gela a post-industrial dead-end, a weary transit place for the million people currently waiting to cross the sea? Or is it ready to become a pioneer in Smart, even Conscious urban development? Is the South the new North, full of social experiments, new entrepreneurship and the re-acculturisation of the public realm? We will work closely with local authorities, young start-ups and cultural organisations to apply a tool box to this typical mid-level European city which holds the European fort, or forms the new bridge to the Africa continent. The Studio will be run by Prof Raoul Bunschoten, WM Dietmar Koering & WM Ying-Chie Deng