The visible invisible

The Urban Deepening (Städtebauliche Vertiefung) is open for 5 students , who also have chosen the studio Gela – Sicily, the edge of Europe, or bridge into the future ( Entwurfsprojekt Städtebau II). Data. Data has become part of our daily life – normally this data is used to generate certain values – positive or negative, mostly in the beginning invisible. Take the crime index for example, which will influence the land value and has influence on the politics. As well as traffic data – areas with high traffic are noisy and more polluted then other urban areas – thus this has effect on heath due to the fine dust (Feinstaub). You will be asked to write a small text up to 1000 words according a topic you choose –this has to be located in Gela, Sicily. Once you have the text, you have to transfer the collected idea in a simplified 3D model, which we will the print on our Sharebot Materia 101.