SS 2016 | Lehrforschungsprojekt | Gela/Sicily – The Edge of Europe

SoSe 16 Arch MA-P / UD MA-P
Lehrforschungsprojekt / Urban Design Projekt 1-3
15 LP - 10 SWS

Prof. Raoul Bunschoten, WM Y.C.Deng, WM S.Heinemann

The Gela research project will continue the investigation on the rapid transformations of Gela, and continue seeking comprehensive solutions to revive the edge of Europe.
Students can expect a high-energy mutual learning environment in our studio. The constant dialogues with external experts and the other agents of change will be designed into the learning process to broaden the coverage of your knowledge and the depth of your project. You will analyze the opportunities collected during our previous researches, and re-structure the strategy for Gela in 2016. The aim of the course is to provide the city of Gela a deeply transformative solutions which can achieve high social, economical and spatial impacts. A field trip to Gela will be part of the curriculum.