2016 Sino-German/ International Design Studio- Learning Cities

The program tackled the global challenges of smart life styles , rapid urbanization and climate change with new approaches of urban planning and design thinking . The next stage of the program will arrive in this summer which including a series a good practice tour in Germany and 2 European countries. The program is supported by Stiftung Mercator, Wuppertal Institute, Energy foundation the University of Arts and other international institutions. 柏林智慧设计营邀请知名设计公司及相关院校参与。聘请多名德籍资深设计导师负责相关设计教学,通过设计课程、设计实践、研讨讲座等多种形式,让您感受德国设计的魅力

Stiftung Mercator
Wuppertal Institute