2017WS Seminar Gaming In Urbanism

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Virtual environments play an evermore important role in our everyday experience. The connection between virtual worlds and reality is getting more and more entangled. Playful exploration has always been the most intuitive way for both architects and professionals and humans in general to develop ideas and their perception of their surrounding world.
Still we often lack an environment where a workgroup of planners themselves can interactively dive into their project and discuss and adjust it together in real-time.
In this seminar we take actual societal problems and try to tackle them through the medium of games. The objective is to develop an actual computer game set in the urban context of Berlin until the end of the semester.
Using Unity3D as Graphics Engine we atempt to explore how contemporary digital tools can help to shape a dynamic real-time urban planning process.

First event on
20th of October, 1PM - 3PM
in the Conscious City Lab (A204)

Please contact holger.prang@tu-berlin.de if you are interested and enroll via list at Sekr. 30.

Gaming in Urbanism - Vorlesungsverzeichniss (KVV)