Prof. Bunschoten published in URBAN DESIGN by Tsinghua University Press

The article "From Smart City to Conscious City" by Prof. Raoul Bunschoten has been published in URBAN DESIGN, a journal of Tsinghua University Press, and can now be downloaded from the link below.

Abstract: The history of urbanism is based on themes such as the integration of different systems forming spatial structures, and human interaction with these systems creating ever evolving forms of intelligence. During the Renaissance science started to play a major role in this development, and the Industrial Revolution introduced large scale mechanization into the design process. The Digital Revolution has lifted this up once more onto another scale, with information flows equaling in global scale the emergence of an Anthropocene Era. City planning and urban design is increasingly affected by both and is entering a new phase in which intelligence will be generated by systems that are in fact robotic systems and decisions on daily life, welfare, economic progress, and even culture will be shared with these systems, raising questions about what priorities are set, who monitors the progress of these, and who controls the new intelligent systems and how do we build cities in the future.

Image: CHORA London, 2015.

From Smart City to Conscious City - Article
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