Prize awarded project of CKI contest: EcoBikes

From CHORA's BA studio 'Urban Gallery - innovative infrastructure solutions' a student project EcoBikes was amongst the four winners of the CKI (Center of Knowledge Interchange) open idea contest.

EcoBikes - how far can you reach? (Olga Bialczak, Tarek Dweidari, Katherina Kocol, Firas Zeno)

People use bikes everyday. Thousands of people, thousands of kilometers everyday. Riding a bike is a form of transport, sport or just a way to spend a nice weekend with friends on a trip. It is heatlhy, easy and doeasn’t influence our environment. And we can make it even better. Everyday we travel, we go to work, to school, we travel by bus, tram or train. Short distances to work and school or longer trips to other cities and countries. In Germany the consume of energy through punblic transport is about ¼ of all energy usage.

The idea is to collect the energy that we produce while setting the wheels in motion. The existing means of public transport is going to be compemented with “ecoBikes”. On the bikes there are small accumalotrs installed, that charge while we are biking. When we want to leave the bike we just plug it to a general battery and the energy we produced,can be forwarded to support other elements of the public transportation system.In this way we can reduce the requirement for energy in the public transportation area.

But how we profit? It’s easy - we provide energy, that the companies need. They don’t have to pay for it, so we can travel less expensive. For every 20 km that we ride, we become 30 Cent Voucher. We register with an application, we have our account, where we collect our money and decide when we want to exchange it for tickets.


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