Prof. Raoul Bunschoten @ Tagesspiegel Liquid City #3

CHORA TU Berlin @ E*World in Essen

Cybernetics: state of the art, Vol. 1

A Cloud recycling Light at eCAADe2017

2017WS Seminar Gaming In Urbanism

WS 17/18 Exercise 0 Studio – CITY MAKING

Conscious City Lab Lehrforschung (Join Us!)

Doodle 2017 WS//Projektint. Entwurf Stadt

Transport Gaps – A data story in collaboration with Tagesspiegel

2017WS BA/MA Studio City Making

Prof. Bunschoten published in URBAN DESIGN by Tsinghua University Press

2017SS Conscious City Werkstatt: Berlin – Malaysia 100YC

2017 WS | Aufgabe 0 announced

Opening Einstein Center Digital Future

CeBIT impression

CHORA at CeBIT 2017

CityMaking as Creative Industry – Final Crits

Beijing Berlin
Dual Degree

2016 WS | Aufgabe 0 announced

2016 WS | BA 5 weeks intensive studio – enrolment DOODLE

2016 WS | Open Studio 11.10.2016

GELA CONSCIOUS CITY | 48 Hours Gela July 8-10

Mutating Infrastructure | Summer 2016 under the Negrelli Viaduct in Prague

GELA CONSCIOUS CITY | Online Polls Launched

Eco Meta Discrete Parts Symposium at TU Innsbruck

CONSCIOUS CITY TALK | 09.06.2016 | 6pm | Prof. Tim Jachna | the Cybernetic City

Metropolitan Solutions 2016

Cybernetics: State of the Art Conference | 9.-10.06.2016

SS 2016 | Grundlagen des städtebaulichen Entwerfens

WCIT 2017 FORUM Taipei :Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age: Building and Sharing the Dream

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