Opening Einstein Center Digital Future

Prof. Dr. Odej Kao, speaker of the Einstein Center Digital Future and the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller met up with Prof. Raoul Bunschoten (right to left) on Monday at the opening of the Einstein Center Digital Future. Holger Prang, project leader of the Conscious City Lab and Jonas Schorr explained two aspects of how the pictured digital table can support planning processes. The table is being developed as a research project by the Conscious City Lab of CHORA Conscious City. "The Einstein Center Digital Future is an inter-university nucleus for research on the digitalization of our society. The aim is to foster innovative, cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, and to provide outstanding training for talented young scholars. The Einstein Center Digital Future is a public-private partnership, initiating around 50 new professorships, and bringing together universities, non-university research institutes, and industrial enterprises, as well as regional and federal ministries. The scale of this alliance between public entities, sponsors and supporters is unique in Berlin’s history as a center of academic endeavor." (Source: