Mutating Infrastructure | Summer 2016 under the Negrelli Viaduct in Prague

In the winter term 2014 / 2015, students of the Mutating Infrastructure seminar worked on the transformation of the Negrelli Viaduct in Prague. This summer, some of their ideas might become reality.

For a few months, Summer 2016 under the Viaduct project will turn a parking lot under the Negrelli viaduct into a comfortable environment for leisure activities. The aim is to improve this neglected public space, which is currently used as an informal parking lot, and test its capabilities to integrate tightly into the living urban fabric. Summer under the Viaduct is a meanwhile use including several recreational venues and facilities such as a mobile bistro with daily sports gear rental. The activities under the viaduct are planned between the end of June and October 2016. Thanks to the activities proposed by the citizens and neighborhood associations, safety will increase in an area that is today notoriously crime-ridden. As an integral part, the event will raise public awareness on the upcoming reconstruction of Negrelli Viaduct (2017-2020), the future use of the viaduct and transformations that will be prompted by the upcoming introduction of the blue parking zones in the neighborhood.

The summer festival is organized by our cooperation partner CCEA MOBA in Prague.