Conscious City Lab Lehrforschung (Join Us!)

Join the team of the Conscious City Lab through the instrument of "Lehrforschung". You will have access to all the tools and hardware in the lab and collective knowledge of the interdisciplinary lab team. You will learn scientic methods and gain skills and knowledge inside the emerging digital data landscape of architecture and city planning.

Dynamic Visualisation throughout Planning and Negotiation (KVV)
Lehrforschung Conscious City Lab Presentation

First event on 20th of October in the Conscious City Lab (A204)
Please contact already before if you are interested.

On top of a Virtual City Model which allows remote participation and collaboration, augmentation, complex visualization and analysis we develop modelling and simulation components for the urban planning. The concept of conscious city and how data is transforming the city-system interconnection is not anymore an abstract idea, we already have a lot of examples in practice. Understanding the implied shifts in innovating and designing cities that offer quality of life and are resource friendly is essential for architecture and planning students.

This semester we are using to Connect Building Data. Flux enables predictably great building. Our platform and apps connect models, planning tools, and spreadsheets for easy collaboration and information access. Flux makes transferring data between applications seamless, which lets us focus on design using the right tool for the task. offers Plug-Ins to connect your applications with your data, online project visualisation, plug-n-play dashboard development, connecting data fields and calculation.

Following the Lehrforschungsprojekt of Yuxiang Zhang from last semester (SS2017) using the interactive table connected to grasshopper.

Cities in the future will reach a level of intelligence that resembles human’s consciousness. Conscious Network Builder provides us with a vision that data-collecting sensors spread across the cityscape in the manner of a neural network.

As a software component of the CHORA Conscious City, Conscious Network Builder is both an educational interface for participants of the open urban planning processes and a platform for academic experimentation and reseach.

Yuxiang Zhang