GELA CONSCIOUS CITY | Online Polls Launched

On June 4, regional newspaper La Sicilia ran a story about our cooperation with the City of Gela / Sicily and the outcomes of an online survey launched by students as part of their research project. Asked what they regard as the most important topic for the transformation of Gela, the majority of people from Gela who participated in the poll voted for heritage.

Outcomes of the Gela Conscious City Poll

Heritage was voted first, followed by mitigation of pollution, community, and agriculture. Mitigation emerged as an important topic from the discussion and was added to the poll by the participants themselves.

The poll reached many people in Gela, but also around the world, in particular young people who most actively use social media sites.

A follow-up poll brought the focus to the rich heritage from Greek classical antiquity which left many traces in the contemporary city. Findings from the poll and the ongoing interaction with the local stakeholders inform the project, which will be finalized in Gela in the beginning of July during the Gela Conscious City - UIA symposium (July 9 and 10, 2016).