Happening now: Insectarium Workshop

Insectarium is part of the Animalesque long-term design research project that takes place at the world renowned Aedes Architecture Forum. Through sensorial technologies, bees instinctive architectural abilities and swarm organization will be explored. A prototypical approach to Insects Kingdom from architecture and science aims to learn from their invisible ecological processes and structural design capacities. Animalesque is supported by CHORA Conscious City, NABU, FabLab Berlin and AEDES Metropolitan Campus. The Insectarium fabrication is led by architects Jorge Godoy and Ana Zatezalo Schenk, together with zoologist Melanie von Orlow and sound and vision artists Stefan Kreitmayer and Charles Deichmann. In February TU students are welcome to join the Manufacturing Sessions, getting involved in an intense architectural and ecological debate as well as in the actual fabrication process of sensorial machines to be implanted into the natural ecosystem of a Hive. ...................................................... Winter Manufacturing Sessions in February + Spring Manufacturing Sessions in April ( ECTS Credits: 6), Architectural Association Visiting School in August ( AA Visiting School Diploma). Students can join the Workshop as single stages, but we highly encourage them to take part of the whole series. The workshop offers flexible times and a wide range of technological, architectural and biological issues to be engaged by the participants