Within the frame of the EIT Climate-KIC project “Gela – The Urban Curation of Industrial Transformation”, the CHORA Team (Gian Marco Morigi, Immo Janssen) together with experts from the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) reached out to the City of Gela in Southern Sicily (IT) for the 1st Expert Co-Creation workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility, on 24th October.

Using the Urban Gallery Methodology, a wide range of local domain experts pointed out the current status of the local and regional mobility situation and collaboratively negotiated how urban mobility futures for Gela could look like, taking into close consideration and spreading the knowledge on the local Urban Mobility Plan (PUMS). The topics touched on reached from Public Transportation with a focus on the improvement of the existing, but nearly unused bus network and the downscaled station towards an urban-regional Mobility Hub to Short Range Mobility with special focus on School Accessibility, Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure.

The project team wants to thank our local partner #Shiplab for the fruitful collaboration, Dott. Arch Vincenzo Antonuccio for his knowledgeable introduction to the PUMS and Emanuele Tuccio for the municipal support.