Aufbruch in die Zukunft Berlin’s: Die Vernetzung der Zukunftsorte und Transformationsräume Berlin’s Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment (SenStadtUm) is in the process of preparing a new strategy paper, on a topic the current Mayor supports strongly: the Smart City Berlin Strategy. Given the current debate, the key question arises: What could the consequences be for any urban planning and urban design in Berlin? Specifically, it needs to be inquired if some of the other official policies regarding planning, for example the designation of so-called Future Sites (Zukunftsorte) and Transformation zones (Transformationsräume), will help to turn some of the SCB Strategy into urban and architectural reality. In this studio students will be asked to develop architectural and urban prototypes demonstrating what is the potential in projecting the CSB Strategy into specific sites in the Transformation Zones and Future Sites. Students will work with the theme of prefabrication, in order to question and reinvent the construction industry in the context of this strategy, and with a selection of the programmatic fields of housing, industry, retrofitting and infrastructure, create projects with social, cultural and economic relevance. Particular attention will be given to the emerging culture of new start-ups, crowdsourcing, and the potential for design methodologies for new life styles. Students are invited to move from very local and specific conditions and design solutions to large-scale and more imaginative visions for Berlin.