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raoul bunschoten

Raoul Bunschoten
Professor and Chair of Sustainable Urban Design
Technical University, Berlin

field of research: Urban Sustainable Design, Conscious City

Conscious City – Talk

Raoul Bunschoten is Professor of Sustainable Urban Planning and Urban Design at the TU Berlin and Senior Lecturer at the London Metropolitan University where he researches urban curation ad low-carbon masterplanning; and recent Professor for the Systmatics of Urban Planning, Design and Landscape at the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf. He is founder and Director of CHORA, a member of and has published several books including Urban Flotsam and Metaspaces. Chora has won a range of prizes on large-scale urban projects including 1st prize for Tempelhof Urban Ideas Competition in Berlin, and winning entry for the Schuytgraaf Public Space Competition.
CHORA is pioneering the use of new planning methods for low-carbon urbanism and the integration of CDM (clean development mechanisms). Recently, Chora has conducted commissioned low-carbon studies and stakeholder game workshops for the cities of Xiamen, Taichung and London, and has acted as a Consultant to the London Development Agency on the planned Green Enterprise District, East London.