a conversation

09.-10.06.2016 – conference – 11.06.2016 exhibition

During the last decade Cybernetics has awaken its Snow-White sleep, ready to be understood, embraced and established as a science to design. The international conference reviews and preview the relevance of cybernetics for current design strategies in all disciplines in our increasingly digitized networked world. Communication, interaction and machine learning has become the default state, which we are learning to understand for our anthropocenic, technospheric world. Starting from Norbert Wieners mention in the 1940s via reviewing models of and for cybernetics by Ross Ashby, Stafford Beer or Gordon Pask and Buckminster Fuller – but to mention a few – we are diving into past, present and future key applications for architecture, urban design as human-machine-interface. The conference brings together international long-standing cyberneticians, architects and designers. The question to formulate and to be discussed is about cybernetics as method and instrument for the design of design strategies.