CityMaking as Creative Industry – Final Crits

2016 WS | MA Studio [12LP – 8SWS] + BA Studio [10LP – 7SWS]

City Making as Creative Industry
Tempelhof and the productioon of housing for Berlin 4M

In the City Making studio, the task was to develop a production line for the housing industry to answer Berlin's call to housing shortage. We moved from mass production to mass customization, which enables freedom in design, but also an awareness in regards of resources. But how can such an innovative production line also deliver cultur – "Baukultur"? The test bed for your new housing prototype is Berlin, the location of the production has to be within the former Tempelhof Airport.

Teaching team
Prof. Raoul Bunschoten
WM Dietmar Köring
WM Liss C. Werner
WM Georg Hubmann
WM Meram Irina Pienaru

Final crits: 16.02.2017

Guest reviewers
Prof. Dr.Ing. Ignacio Borrego
Christina Ciardullo
Nana Hengelhaupt
Martin Henn
Daniel Hetzel
Henry Jones
Henry JonesThomas Kraubitz
Prof. Jochen Rabe
Stefan Richter
Pascal C. Thirion
Delfina Fantini van Ditmar
Dr. Jan Wurm