CHORA students group among the winners of Schinkel-Wettbewerb

A group of two students of CHORA's MA Studio "Digital Forefront" has been awarded a special prize in the 161st Schinkel-Wettbewerb 2016. The competition – organised by the architects and engineers association in Berlin (AIV Berlin) – called for alternative development scenarios in the region of transition between Teltow and Berlin-Zehlendorf. The brief focused on open spaces, land use and density, and the development of typologies that allow a social and functional mix, with the aim to suggest medium- and long-term approaches to the area, but also to raise public awareness for the potential of these contexts.

The students Max Rudolph and Nikita Suerhoff worked on the area between Rammrath-Brücke in Teltow and Eugene-Kleine-Brücke in Zehlendorf, focusing on the revival and reunification of both sides of the river. The aim of the project is to link existing economical activities on the two sides, with special attention to medical facilities, which together with lanscape qualities constitute the opporunity to strengthen sustainability, health and local environment. The project articulation extends from simple bridges to facilities for business and leisure activities, as a natural pool. The existing bike path between Berlin and Brandenburg will be expanded as a link between the new activities, and gradually made more attractive. A high sustainability is ensured using the latest methods and technologies, such as Aquaponics, Augmented Reality in the transfer of knowledge, modern water filtration and energy recovery from wind and solar radiation. Incubators are situated on the supposedly least attractive areas to guarantee the greatest possible potential for development to the remaining land.

Image by Max Rudolph and Nikita Suerhoff

The projects have been awarded during the official ceremony at the Akademie der Künste on March 13th and an exhibition of the winning entries will be on display until March 24th, 2016 in the foyer of the Universität der Künste, Hardenbergstrasse 33.