CHORA at CeBIT 2017

Led by Professor Raoul Bunschoten, the CHORA department of the Technical University Berlin develops methods for architectural design and urban planning that span between climate change and the digital revolution. Under the umbrella of Conscious City, three themes are predominant in CHORA’s research agenda: urban planning strategies, urban curation and modular prefabrication of urban toolkits. Visit the Conscious City Lab (formerly known as BrainBox) at CeBIT in order to explore states of urban consciousness and participate in Bitkom Smart City talks. CCL is a long-term research project by the CHORA group at the Technical University of Berlin offering a more democratic and transparent approach to making conscious cities. Conceived as a theater like environment with several set-up variations CHORA’s Conscious City Lab acts as a pop-up “agora” for transforming cities in the 21st century. It is a unique combination of mobile city lab and theatre, combining new technologies, artistic creativity and scenario games. Stakeholders and citizens can learn about, experience and collectively negotiate alternative visions of their local surroundings and city. The real-time feedback environment sets the stage for the co-production of future smart cities in which societies set the agenda for future urban life.