Change for Gela

Change for Gela

In 2016 the Chair of Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at the Technical University Berlin continues to investigate the city of Gela.

This year we want to invite you, the Key Actors, to work together as an Actor-Network and pool our resources. Our main goal is to improve the quality of the city together with you. In this summer we hope to make a real change in Gela with you, even just a small prototype. It will be a good start.

Last year, our research team has identified several important issues in Gela. And we have proposed several sustainable solutions for Gela.

This year, it is the time to act! We will start our process with an online poll asking you which issue we should tackle together first.

Then together with the key actors (please contact us!), we will discuss how do we achieve a short-term intervention this summer that can lead to a long term impact in Gela!

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