BA STUDIO: Urban Gallery – Innovative infrastructure solutions

During the last year, the Senate departments of Berlin announced a variety of agendas that set the scene for the future urban development of the city. One of the initiatives is the Smart City Strategy that wants to turn Berlin into a laboratory for efficient urban solutions, data-based applications, and sustainable measures. Despite the fact that first innovative solutions have been introduced, there is a wide gap between set ambitions and reality. Certainly, making infrastructure function more efficiently plays a central role concerning the implementation of the current plans of the city. The new E-bus line 204, with a decentralised renewable energy supply system and inductive charging stations, became reality. Automated waste bins slowly moving through public space for more user comfort or a large-scale rainwater collection system for better resource efficiency are still in the making. This BA studio encourages a new way of thinking about Berlin's urban space and its infrastructural layers in order to find integrated design solutions. The question is: how to innovate infrastructure?