Arch M WP(6) ST1.01 Aspekte st├Ądtebaulicher Analyse- und Entwurfsmethodik 6LP //// Arch MA - WP, UD MA - WP, Arch MA - W, UD MA - W // Donnerstags, 14.00-17.00 Uhr Raum A 804 // 1. Veranstaltung am 16.10.2014 // In the seminar we will work with challenges concerning the modernisation and urbanization in European and Chinese Cities. As a short-term and direct goal, we will design a smart integration center which is based on the Conscious-City-Lab idea of CHORA, in which governmental bodies, disaster emergency control divisions as well as exhibition and public education facilities will be accommodated. We will identify and work directly with various kinds of stakeholders; meanwhile the experts from TUB partner Tongji University (Urban Intelligence Center) will provide support and knowledge transfer. The semester is organised in different stages to build up strong research arguments and design proposals. Outstanding projects and concepts may become part of the conceptual design phase for the envisioned building realisation.