Arch M E. 07 Städtebauliche Vertiefung 9LP //// Arch MA - P // Donnerstags, 16.00-18.00 Uhr Raum A 816 // 1. Veranstaltung 16.10.2014 // Social-, public-, sustainable-, smart-; we use all these different words to describe types of spaces and ultimately cities we live in. But what do these really mean? When we talk about a public space, what is meant by "public"? Is it sipping a coffee in a café, or is there something more historical behind it? When we talk about a smart city, what is so "smart" about it? Is it science and technology, or is there something more profound than just numbers and computers? This seminar will explore the meaning behind the most fashionable and the most abused words in architecture. We will combine reading of short texts from diverse people like Koolhaas, Corner and Arendt with drawing and designing as exploration of their meaning to produce good architecture.