eCAADe Conference // 2018 Lodz

We are proud to announce that, CHORA TU Berlin was part of the 36th eCAADe 2018 Conference.

We have published six papers:

"Multi-Dimensional Interface Based Spatial Adaption" by Theresa Lohse, Ryuta Fujii, Liss C. Werner;

"Customised Collaborative Urban Design" by Nan Bai, Wenqia Ye, Jianan Li, Huichao Ding, Meram-Irina Pienaru, Raoul Bunschoten;

"VR-visualization of High-dimensional Urban Data" by Louna Al Bondakji, Anna-Maria Chatzi, Minoo Heidari Tabar, Lisa-Marie Wesseler, Liss C. Werner;

"Biological Computation of Physarum" by Liss C. Werner;

"The City as a Playground" by Meram-Irina Pienaru;

"Data Flow" by Daniel Schulz, Felix Reiter, Alexander Metche, Liss C. Werner.

The work was partly a result of a seminar called Urban Material Intelligence, organised by the chair at TU Berlin and led by Liss C. Werner.