2017WS BA/MA Studio City Making

The “City Making” studio aims to design a building kit in connection with a production line for conscious city planning with the goal to spread its impact all over. The building kit should reflect cutting edge technologies of modern serial production and energetic solutions, as well as social and political elements. The developed building kit is the basis for an investigation of a composition of function-oriented patterns and their application in the realization of a prototype in terms of mass customization. The task is to firstly, to develop the building kit with the whole studio, which then can be applied to the prototypes to show case the production of hybrid programming systems and advanced digital manufacturing. The prototypes are designs, which were developed in each group. Secondly, to create with this developed building kit new hybrid typologies within Berlin. Again, hybrid programming is the key term here; it can be a metabolist framework, which can be expanded, concepts from the 60ties visionary rethought, with today’s technologies; it can adapt the ideas of the Homo Ludens as described by Huizinga and seen in relation of Constant’s “New Babylon”, where again the urban context of Berlin should be reflected in a narrative. The project aims at linking the current Smart City Strategy that embraces emergent technologies and addresses new directions in democracy, healthcare, mobility, job creation and greenhouse gas reduction, to the burning problem of a growing city that needs new buildings, integrated systems and space that would continuously feedback into each other. We do expect innovation, a production system the knowledgeable integration of digital communication and information transfer. /// Dietmar.Koering@TU-Berlin.de /// Dietmar Koering 08/2017