2017SS Conscious City Werkstatt: Berlin – Malaysia 100YC

The project researches digital pre-fabrication and the ‘Internet of Thing’ as spatial condition for the sustainable future conscious city. A combination of climatic development, rapid population growth, increasing digitization and urban densification requires a re-thinking towards novel processes in the urban planning and the construction industry. This development in conjunction with climate change offers novel design strategies for the realization of human habitats, urban ecologies and living-spaces. The studio firstly operates within the challenges and opportunities of Berlin as a fast-growing city and its role as global incubator and secondly projects into the strategically important evolution of Medini Iskadar – Johor Straits, part of Malaysia’s critical interface with Singapore. It is embedded in the collaborative project Medini – 100 years from now, Malay Biennal. We will combine the development of design strategies, building and urban design proposals for the current information age fostering industry 4.0, digital manufacturing methods and cyber-physical systems. The intention is to establish a toolbox for the conscious city, which is then applied to whole Berlin and Medini Iskadar. Elemental building components and typologies will be rethought innovatively. Selected projects, seeking to create the foundations to procure and transform ideas into an urban reality will be exhibited at the Malaysia Architecture and Design Biennial in November 2017.

WM Dietmar Köring, WM Meram Irinia Pienaru
Guest: LA Liss C. Werner
Contact: Dietmar.Koering@TU-Berlin.de

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Main Studio Brief

Background Information of the Malaysia Biennial 100YC can be found here:
Malaysia Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017