2016 WS | BA 5 weeks intensive studio – enrolment DOODLE

2016 WS | BA 5 weeks intensive Studio

City Construction
Mass customized components to create a more conscious city

Berlin grows! and requires more adaptability in housing as well as in supporting infrastructure – managerial as well as physical. Berlin has a history of strong cultural production and hosts a vast amount of creative industries and creatives, turning the city into a dynamic place that makes it possible to address challanges in a new and innovative way. This is a chance to rethink architecture on a large scale – not just for the city of Berlin, but also as a prototype for new ways of living. The objective of this course is to give "production" a new cultural meaning by creating mass-customized prototypes.

Teaching team
Prof. Raoul Bunschoten
WM Dietmar Köring
WM Georg Hubmann
WM Meram Irina Pienaru

Enrolment DOODLE